Seroj Ohanian

Brings over 45 years of experience – both in the corporate world at a fortune 500 company to growing Ohanian & Associates to what it is today. Seroj Ohanian has held senior Accountant positions at a German engineering firm in the 80’s (Siemens). Forced Migrating to the United States of America in the mid 80’s he found Ohanian & Associates a Tax & Accounting Company with an emphasis in client contentment. An ideology that still continues today.

Healthy Corporations, Partnerships, LLC’s & Sole Proprietorships.

Along with his daily routine, one of Mr. Ohanian’s areas of expertise is keeping an eye on his client’s finances. The well-being of entities is an area of focus; performing internal audits is one of the many ways this is completed; this includes but is not limited to auditing P&L Statements, Balance sheets, Inventory Check systems and more. His experience allows him to predict financials, and spot red flags before it adversely affects the business. He has dealt with franchisees of multiple locations and has helped them prosper from single to multiple locations.

Arin Ohanian

As a managing officer of Ohanian & Associates, Arin’s experience in accounting began in 2004 by joining the Ohanian & Associates team. He has since studied at California State University, as well as studying at UCLA for his Enrolled Agent examination. In 2013 Arin passed a series of tests and was awarded the highest credential by the Internal Revenue Service. Brining new business strategies to an established business he & Seroj make an incomparable and well balanced team.

Daily Administration & Management

Arin’s daily responsibilities include the management of Payroll, Preparation of payroll reports, accounts payable, generating financials, account reconciliation, bookkeeping and more. Arin caters to each business by providing different types of solutions for each individual.

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